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Every dock location is different, and its use determines the features the dock needs. We survey the conditions and dock location to determine shore conditions and all other initial information that are important in selecting a dock. After the survey we work together with you to plan the features you want for your dock and what specific needs you have for the dock.

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Based on information from the dock location survey we will draft a plan for building the dock and send you a proposal for the dock that is best suited for your needs.



You can choose to have our expert, experienced professionals install a tailored or standard collection dock of your choice using the keys-in-hand principle.

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Dock collection

With docks for cottages, marinas, harbours, swimming facilities as well as dock accessories, our product collection encompasses the needs and locations of different docks and dock supplies.

  • President

    Imposing and steadfast President docks bring elegance to the shoreline. President docks comes standard with stylish side cladding.

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  • Susanna

    The Susanna collection offers docks of different sizes and shapes. Dock heights vary by model

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  • Harbour

    The Harbour® dock collection is intended for building marinas, connecting docks, breakwaters, floating terraces and floating pontoon bridges.

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  • MyPort

    MyPort collection docks are used for building marinas and swimming facilities and also as cottage docks.

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  • Japi

    Japi is a light, handy swimming dock suitable for sheltered shores.

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  • Outrigger

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  • Susanna BlueWhite

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