Imposing and steadfast President docks bring elegance to the shoreline. President docks can accommodate even a larger leisure group, and their large dock elements have a high load-bearing capacity so even a larger boat can be safely moored.

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President® docks represent the best level of quality and service in the industry. President® docks are available in numerous different sizes and shapes. President® dock elements can be connected lengthwise or in a T or L shape.

President® Standard, President® Demand and President® 56 docks are extremely stable, durable and very imposing. The magnificent President® 63 is a true mammoth among docks and is made of large, heavy dock elements that have a standard raised deck. President® Silja is a perfect dock if you want an imposing an durable leisure and swimming dock that also has a place for your boat. President® Silja comes with a built-in bay where you can safely drive and moor your boat.

Dock supplies

Our product selection includes a diverse variety of supplies for assembling the dock and perfecting its appearance. Various accessories can also be used to tailor the deck's functionalities and appearance to be just right for your own shore.

  • Mooring equipment

    Our selection includes numerous different mooring equipment

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  • Swimming ladder

    SL-swimming ladders are designed for demanding use.

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  • Dock fingers

    Dock fingers are available in different sizes, including ones that serve as walkways.

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  • Walking bridges and railings

    The appearance of a dock can be changed with different ramps and railings.

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  • Anchoring

    Our selection includes numerous different anchoring supplies.

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  • Rescue equipment and Dock gate

    Our selection offers rescue equipment and the dock gate

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  • Lighting and electricity for docks

    Docks can be equipped with a light pole

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  • Beach equipment

    Beaches can be equipped with, for instance, a jumping tower.

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  • Fenders

    Fenders can be installed on the dock to protect boats and the dock

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